Hey, you! You like taking pictures don’t you? Well how would you like to have your best snaps up on RocketNews24 for all the world to see?

Every Wednesday, we’re running a fun little contest called Pic of the Week. All you have to do to enter is send us an Asia-related photo that you’re especially proud of or think your fellow readers would enjoy. If we like it, we’ll feature it on our site and maybe even say nice things about you.

We’re looking for beautiful, funny, clever, arty, weird and moving Asia-related photos. It can be anything; incredible sights from the streets of China; magical moments caught at a cosplay convention in your home country; sunsets taken from the top of Mount Fuji; your dog dressed as Yoshi; whatever.

Entries from pros, amateurs, and even folks whose cat accidentally stepped on the shutter button and caught a great moment are welcome, so if you have a pic you think we’d like, send it in ASAP!


A few rules and things to consider:

– Only one photo per email, please.

– You can submit a photo every week for as long as we run the contest, but please limit yourself to one photo per week. Multiple entries/emails will be immediately filed in the recycle bin.

– Hi-resolution pics are of course welcome, but please don’t send Godzilla-sized files.

– If you’d rather add a watermark to your photo, you’re free to do so, but please keep it subtle and let people enjoy the pic.

– Nothing X-rated or distasteful. We aim to raise eyebrows and smiles here at RocketNews24, but that’s all.

– If your photo is of another person, by submitting it to us you confirm that you have permission to do so.

– The photo must be 100% your own. By sending us a photo you are confirming that it is your original property and that you give us permission to publish it for the purpose of this weekly contest. Emails from photo agencies or irate photographers will be sent directly to you.

– A bit of digital processing is fine, but this isn’t a Photoshop contest, so don’t go nuts.


OK with all that? Here’s how to apply:

– Send an email to info[at] with “Pic of the week, [your full name]” in the subject box so we can quickly spot entries and don’t mistake them for spam.

– Attach your photo as (ideally as a .jpg, or .png file).

– Tell us the title of your photo. Also include a brief description of what we’re looking at and be sure to tell us roughly when and where it was taken.

– If you have a photo blog and would like us to give you a shout-out, include a link to it.

– Bow your head, say “In Mr. Sato we trust” three times and click ‘Send’.

10/9/2014: Pic of the Week is currently on hiatus, so unfortunately we’re not accepting entries right now. Stay tuned for more photo contest action soon!