Love it or hate it, every country has their own take on sushi. While some of the creations, such as the California roll, are fairly tame and are now accepted as part of a normal sushi menu, we’ve also seen some of the odder versions out there, such as Hong Kong’s ‘killer sushi’, Nutella sushi in France, and my personal favorite–the absolutely adorable but sadly inedible cat sushi!

The quintessential component of sushi is vinegared rice, so while these creations can’t technically be called sushi, they’ve definitely taken a stylistic cue from the rolled shape of makizushi. And we have to admit, some of those fillings do look tasty…

Which of the following creations do you find most intriguing?

1. Waffle breakfast sushi


2. Burrito sushi


3. Fairy bread sushi

3Smart Party Planning

4. Zucchini sushi

4Ask Me Food

5. Peanut butter and jelly sushi

5All Recipes

6. Banana and Nutella sushi

612Inspired Housewife

7. Thai coconut sticky rice with mango sushi

7Chef this Up!

8. St. Patrick’s Day sushi (mashed potato, corned beef, and cabbage)

8The Cooking of Joy

9. Snickers sushi (peanut butter and Nutella)


10. Chicken and waffle sushi


11. Sandwich sushi

11STL Cooks

12. Prosciutto, melon, and brie sushi

12The Hopeless Housewife

13. Fruit “frushi” sushi

13Kids Activities Blog

14. Marshmallow Peeps sushi

14Bit Rebels

15. Tiramisu “tiramisushi” sushi

15Dessert First

16. Southern-style sushi (flank steak, asparagus, Gorgonzola)

16Food Network

17. Pizza sushi

17Sushi à la Maison

18. Strawberry shortcake sushi

18Take a Megabite

19. Cupcake sushi

19Brit + Co

20. Cheeseburger sushi

20The Gook

Are you now feeling inspired to make your very own version of sushi? Or are you just plain grossed out at this point?

Here’s what some Japanese people had to say after seeing their country’s classic food made with such a bizarre host of ingredients:

“Just because it’s rolled doesn’t make it sushi, people!!”

“It’s from a different dimension…”

“Japanese people have also changed ramen around quite a lot. It’s immature to complain about sushi being tampered with a bit. But still, over half of those look disgusting, haha.”

“Peanut butter and Nutella? Even someone like me with a huge sweet tooth is surprised.”

“I’d actually like to try the one wrapped in meat and the tiramisu one. The rest are too much like dessert for me.”

“I’m so glad I was born in Japan.”

“I’d get mad if people insisted on calling these ‘Japanese food,’ but I think the transmission of culture and the sushi’s changed appearance is good if people can enjoy them in their respective locations. Time will decide which ones are popular and refine them even more.”

Personally, I think I’ll pass on the Peeps sushi…unless someone wants to have fun blowing them up in the microwave with me.

Source: Karapaia, h/t Distractify
Top image: Brit + Co