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Newly formed Kojima Productions is looking to hire a few good video game developers, plus find customers for its online store.

After months of speculation about what turn Hideo Kojima’s career would take after parting ways with long-time employer Konami, the Metal Gear creator released a video yesterday announcing that he has formed his own game development studio, Kojima Productions. The company’s independent status doesn’t mean that Kojima will be doing all the work by himself, though. Bringing life to the director’s ambitious visions, such as his upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, will require a large and talented team, which is why the Kojima Productions website has posted job listings for several positions it’s looking to fill.

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In total, 23 titles are listed on the Careers section of Kojima Productions’ website, for positions as specific as Lighting Artist and as broad as Game Designer. Less technical roles include Music Composer and Concept Artist, with the descriptions for both specifying that the content created is to be used in “high-end games,” which should reassure anyone who’s worried about Kojima succumbing to the siren song of focusing on freemium mobile games.

Given Kojima’s near-universal respect as a creative force in the video game industry, applicants will no doubt face heavy competition for the jobs, with only the best and the brightest joining the ranks of Kojima’s organization.

If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to support the cause in a less nine-to-five manner, you can also purchase official Kojima Productions merchandise from the company’s online store.

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The product list is yet to be formally revealed (that won’t happen until December 21), but promotional images suggest you’ll be able to get T-shirts, tumblers, and stickers emblazoned with the company’s fiercely unique logo of a human skull inside of a high-tech knight’s helmet. There’s even an English page that touts international shipping.

If you think your skills are up to scratch, applications for jobs at Kojima Productions can be made here.

▼ It’s unclear whether the interview process will include CQC, but we recommend brushing up anyway, just in case.

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