Target is America’s second-largest retailer, and its humongous stores have everything you could possibly need, from food to clothing to household goods. For a Japanese person visiting America for the first time these stores can be a tourist attraction in themselves as they gaze at the enormity of it all, and then leave without buying anything because it’s too overwhelming and they’re scared of doing something wrong.

However, our writer Japanese found something in a Target store that may even surprise Americans too.

Our RocketNews24 Japan writer Yoshio had a startling experience when he visited one particular Target store.

Everyone knows escalators, right? They’re not surprising at all, especially not in Japan where you can find them both indoors and out and pretty much every train station next to even the shortest flight of stairs. But in this store was a super special escalator, not for people – but for shopping carts! As you can see from our report’s photos, this escalator has been specifically designed to fit the wheels of a shopping trolley and carry it safely up to the next floor while its owner rides the escalator beside it.

Yoshio had never seen this kind of escalator before in either Japan or America. To start with, Japan has very few of these enormous supermarkets save for a few wholesale stores, and in supermarkets that do have more than one floor there will either be cash registers on each floor that you have to pay at before moving on to the next one, or you’ll be expected to cram yourself and your cart into an elevator.

Yoshio’s conclusion after seeing this: America rocks.

Have you seen this kind of escalator in your own country?




Source: RocketNews24 JP
Photos: RocketNews24