If you thought there was a lot of change between your couch cushions, you should check out escalators in Japan.

Japan, especially Tokyo, has some of the busiest train stations in the world. That means that not only do the trains experience an overwhelming amount of traffic, the escalators do as well. Announcements on speakers near escalators often advise passengers against wearing rubber shoes or long skirts on escalators, as they may get stuck between the steps and railings. You’d never guess how many people drop change on escalators, though.

Twitter user @morisyrup uploaded this photo a few days ago with the caption, “The down escalator at the station near me was undergoing maintenance. The amount of change that came out of it is a lot.”


Fellow Japanese Twitter users got a kick out of it, and they had some equally amusing and interesting responses.

“Oh no, that looks like a lot of work…Maybe I should lend them my wallet? It’s completely empty right now.”

“You’d be able to catch a lot of money if you lived under an escalator.”

“I bet the amount of dust in there would make a mountain, too. There must be at least 5,000 yen (USD $45.44) of change there.”

“Is this like an escalator savings account?”

“Escalator Shrine?” [In Japan, it’s customary to drop coins into a collection box when praying at shrines.] 

So, next time you ride an escalator in Japan, keep a tight hold on your wallet. Honestly, considering Japanese morale, the change would probably be turned into the police.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@morisyrup