The Petitcalator is Japan’s weirdest world record-holder in its most-forgotten big city【Videos】

Kawasaki site has held a Guiness World Record for more than 30 years.

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Unusual curved escalators are the crowning jewel of this shopping mall in Osaka

Join us for a ride on two of the world’s most unique escalators.

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Japan’s Minister of Digital Affairs catches attention by skipping escalator and using stairs【Photo】

While other high-ranking politicians waited for the escalator, digital policymaker opted for analog method.

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Saitama officially forbids walking up and down escalators

They’ve become the first prefecture in Japan to do so.

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Tokyo taking a stand on walking up and down escalators

But are people willing to undo the long-running social custom of only standing on one side of an escalator?

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This is what happens when a crowded escalator suddenly reverses【Video】

This escalator has apparently had enough of being walked all over.

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Three foreign tourists arrested for molestation in Japan after thinking it was normal behavior

Given the size and longevity of the adult entertainment industry, it’s safe to say that such products serve a purpose in societies everywhere. However, one purpose for which adult videos should never be used is as travel guides for visiting other countries.

You might think that would be common sense but apparently we can’t stress the point enough after there has been a recent spate of molestation committed by foreign tourists who claim to have thought it was normal behavior in Japan after watching Japanese adult videos.

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Our Japanese writer discovers a surprising escalator in the US, declares America Best Place Ever

Target is America’s second-largest retailer, and its humongous stores have everything you could possibly need, from food to clothing to household goods. For a Japanese person visiting America for the first time these stores can be a tourist attraction in themselves as they gaze at the enormity of it all, and then leave without buying anything because it’s too overwhelming and they’re scared of doing something wrong.

However, our writer Japanese found something in a Target store that may even surprise Americans too.

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South Korea establishes special task force to combat escalators and elevators

They kill scores of people annually around the world. They have no motive or ideology and can’t be reasoned with, and yet we rely on them every day because stairs are a real pain.

I’m talking of course about escalators and elevators which caused nearly 300 deaths in the USA in the 90s and injured over 700 Koreans in the past five years leaving 50 for dead. Still with all this carnage the human race continues to embrace these death traps simply because they can get us to other floors quickly.

Not any more, says South Korea’s Ministry of Security and Public Administration (MOSPA), which has created the Elevator and Escalator Safety Division.

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Six People Injured by Escalator in Akihabara, Once Again Proving that People in Tokyo Use the Wrong Side of the Escalator

On 24 April at approximately 9:25 a.m., six people were injured while riding an escalator in Akihabara Station, Tokyo.

All the victims suffered injuries as serious as broken fingers when a piece of metal siding became bent upwards blocking the clearance between it and the rubber handrail.

Sadly, this digital carnage could have been easily avoided if people in Tokyo just stood on the right side of the escalator like normal people.

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