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You know those hilarious baby pouches that parents use to strap their kid to their backs, and the kid instantly falls asleep, because that’s what babies do? And then the baby’s limbs just wobble around while the parent walks and you have to do a double take because it kind of looks like the baby is dead at first?

Well, those pouches are apparently also being used on dogs in Japan lately.

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This snapshot of a lady carrying her dog in a baby pouch on what appears to be a somewhat crowded Tokyo train in mid-day is making the rounds on the Japanese Interwebs, originally with the comment, “At first I thought it was a stuffed animal, but nope! It’s alive!”

Now, it might look adorable at first, but, just like when you see babies in those pouches, it starts to get a little disturbing the more you look at it. Animals loathe being caged, and the pouch is basically a straitjacket for small, sentient creatures, which is why some Netizens in Japan are a little angered by this novel use:

“That dog looks like he’s not having a good time…”

“I sympathize with the dog.”

“This is animal cruelty! Owners that care about their dogs wouldn’t do something like this.”

“This is certain to disturb other passengers.”

So, the general Internet consensus is that this is not the greatest way to treat your dog, but we suppose there’s something to be said for being so attached to your pooch that you’ll literally carry him around like a little Bran Stark to his Hodor.

Source: Hachima Kikou
Photos: Twitter