Sometimes a single glance says it all, and in this particular case, the startled face of this cute cat screams, “Hurry, mom!!! Something’s not right!” But what exactly has this little kitty all in a tizzy?

The photo above was posted by @myumyulovemyu, a Japanese Twitter user who dedicates her feed to her six cats. It seems little Lulu here had quite a scare when she spotted an unexpected visitor in her backyard:

▼I spotted a fox cutting through the backyard while I was hanging out my laundry to dry. I then heard a flurry of meows so I opened the window to find Lulu in a panic.
(*ΦДΦ) There was a fox! A big fox! I saw it!!!
( ๑´•ω•) Yes, it was a lovely fox, wasn’t it?


What a good little watch cat! Her clear blue eyes only help to accentuate her wide-open mouth, making her look extra surprised. Lulu’s expression is so cute after seeing a fox, we’d love to see her face if she ever sees a bear!

Source: Hamusoku
Image: Twitter (myumyulovemyu)