And now the hilarious kitty is popping up in memes across the Internet.

Whether they’re stretched out over your things or punching their way through screen doors, if a cat wants to do something, there’s nothing that can stop them; except of course, themselves. That’s what happened to 7 year-old Japanese cat Milk-chan, who instantly became an Internet sensation after she got herself stuck between her beloved scratching post and her equally adored bed. As the playful kitty finished a good scratch on the post, she decided to leap up for a nap on the bed and then found herself stranded, with the claws of her right forefoot jammed into the bed on her left and the claws of her left forefoot still jammed into the post on her right. The hilarious standing position she was left in, combined with the look of shock and confusion on her face at not being able to do what she wants, has been making people laugh around the Internet, and since being posted on Twitter, it has received over 100,000 likes and retweets in less than two days.

A cat like this does not go unnoticed, with creative Twitter users immediately getting out their photo editing tools to place the feline into a number of hilarious scenarios.

▼ Here, the cat takes on multiple keyboards, like Japanese pop maestro Tetsuya Komuro.

▼ It also apparently got into an Olympics hurdles race.

▼ Those outstretched arms are great for spinning tracks like a DJ.

▼ And they also help when it comes to dancing…

▼ Or hanging between skyscrapers in Shinjuku.

▼ As a video game character, it’s snappy power move has opponents cowering in fear.

According to Milk-chan’s owner, Twitter user @aktfps, the cat was only stuck for a moment, able to free herself unassisted within seconds. It’s not unusual for them to find Milk-chan in cute and hilarious positions, as she’s a playful tomboy at heart and loves nothing more than to catch cicadas and bring them into the lounge room in summer. Next time she’s at the scratching post, though, we hope she’ll remember to retract her claws before setting off for her nap!

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Twitter/@aktfps