Tired of sleepless nights from your cute kitty pushing you around the bed? Here’s a quick and clever solution.

If you own a cat, it’s because you want to have felines close by in your living space. However, it’s possible to have your animal friends be a little too close, especially in your sleeping space.

Sure, it might be kind of nice to have a kitty nearby as you drift off into slumber, or within arm’s reach for some post-wake-up, pre-get-up snuggling, But cats sometimes hog the bedspace you were planning to use for your human body.

▼ “Oh, did you want this spot? Well how about if I take it and give you some STINK EYE in exchange?”

Thankfully, Japanese Twitter user @pinkseed has come up with an easy way to explain to your cats that you’re sharing not ceding, your bed. Similar to the life-changing discovery of cat circles, @pinkseed’s plan taps into the common cat psyche in which the animals like situating themselves in territory of their own, but aren’t overly concerned how big said territory is.

“An announcement to all of you whose beds have been occupied by our feline lords! The rezoning project is complete!” @pinkseed tweeted, with some proud photos of her plan in action. By placing some soft-sided boxes along the edge of her bed, she created a row of cozy kitty cubbies in which a trio of her animal friends have curled up and gone to sleep. This lets them stay close to their human caregiver throughout the night, but also secures a well-defined section of the mattress for @pinkseed.

The clever strategy prompted comments including:

“Wow, this is great! I’m gonna try it with my cats.”
“Creating sections is a great idea! My cat always takes over more than half of my single bed.”
“Brilliant! My cat is always roaming about my part of the bed”
“Don’t you need a few more boxes?”

In regards to the last comment, @pinkseed says that a few of her animals like sleeping apart from the rest of the group, so the three is all she needs.

Granted, this plan still leaves you with less than 100-percent of the bed for yourself, but laying out easy-to-understand ground rules about what space belongs to whom should cut down on jostling and pushing in the middle of the night. And if setting up cat sleeping boxes cuts into too much of your mattress realm, you could always buy a bigger bed…just as long as you also don’t also go out and acquire more cats.

Source: Twitter/@pinkseed via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@pinkseed