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From looking at his Twitter profile, you might conclude that Hazuki, singer for the Osaka-based Grollschwert, is a pretty metal dude. He describes the unit as a “melodic deathrash metal band,” and his own vocal style as guttural, growling, and screeching.

Still, even the most dedicated musicians can’t be hardcore all the time, and the vocalist has recently been sharing pictures of his adorable newborn baby daughter with his Twitter followers. It looks like metal is in the family genes, though, as the baby has already executed a perfect double devil horn salute.

On Grollschwert’s website, we can see Hazuki as his fans usually picture him, front and center among his grim-faced bandmates.

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Hazuki’s been showing a very different side on Twitter, though, since his daughter was born on August 20.

▼ Ahhhh!

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As tranquil as the newborn looks, though, it seems like she’s picked up on her daddy’s love of aggressive sounding music. Hazuki recently returned home to find his daughter, not yet two weeks old, enjoying a bottle of milk like her dad’s fans enjoy listening to him scream his lungs out.

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“Daughter of mine, where did you learn to do that?” mused Hazuki. Must be in the blood, and while the obvious name, BabyMetal, is already taken, we give the kid six months before she starts putting together her own infant grindcore band.

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