heavy metal

Osaka club offers up great heavy metal hand washing song selections

Help seek and destroy germs with these 20-second segments of metal classics.

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Opening theme of popular troll anime Pop Team Epic gets awesome heavy metal cover【Video】

Decked out in a tight-fitting sailor uniform and shades, this singer shows he’s got what it takes to be as metal as the anime.

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Babymetal set to appear in new anime series debuting in the U.S.!

The announcement made today by Warner Bros. and Amuse USA has our imaginations running wild with all sorts of animated idol-metal fusion scenarios.

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Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford joins BABYMETAL onstage for an epic performance【Video】

The Fox God and the Metal God choose their avatars for a collaboration that is pure metal!

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Up the ukiyoe with this Iron Maiden woodblock print featuring Eddie as a hellish courtesan

Forget running for the hills, we’re running to buy one of these amazing prints!

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Meet WHISPERED — the heavy metal band from Finland with a samurai spirit!

Sure, we know that Japanese samurai warriors, with their bushido code of honor and their sharp katana swords, are seriously cool, right? Well, such warriors may be an existence of the past, but we can understand how they continue to hold a strong fascination for people not just in Japan, but abroad as well.  To our delight, we’ve found a group of such samurai fans, in far away Finland no less, and they’re making their fondness for samurai and Japanese culture heard very loudly indeed!

Meet WHISPERED, the Finnish heavy metal band whose look and work have a decidedly Japanese and samurai theme. And judging from comments online, Internet users who’ve heard the band’s music seem to have good things to say in this case of Japan meets Scandinavia!

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Totally metal newborn shows off hardcore cuteness for approving musician dad

From looking at his Twitter profile, you might conclude that Hazuki, singer for the Osaka-based Grollschwert, is a pretty metal dude. He describes the unit as a “melodic deathrash metal band,” and his own vocal style as guttural, growling, and screeching.

Still, even the most dedicated musicians can’t be hardcore all the time, and the vocalist has recently been sharing pictures of his adorable newborn baby daughter with his Twitter followers. It looks like metal is in the family genes, though, as the baby has already executed a perfect double devil horn salute.

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Put your kitsune up! BABYMETAL is set to dominate the world with ‘dangerous kawaii’【Interview】

In 2011, the world was first baffled and then enthralled by the release of BABYMETAL’s “Doki Doki☆Morning” music video.

Not quite metal, not quite idol music, the video of three “dangerous kawaii” Japanese middle school girls singing and dancing to heavy metal music was difficult for some to comprehend. Were they for real? Was it okay for us to like them? And why couldn’t we stop listening to this song?

Two years later, the group has proved themselves to be anything but a joke, with legions of fans both in Japan and abroad. This Wednesday (June 19), they released their second major-label single, titled “Megitsune,” so we sat down with the group for an exclusive interview to learn more about them.

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