There are people in this world who are in love with the thrill of heights. From sky-diving to hang gliding, life is all about taking flight for them. Then there are people like me, who break out in cold sweat crossing an overhead bridge. If you’re afraid of heights, this video will leave your head spinning like there’s no tomorrow.

The video, titled “Crazy Selfie From Hong Kong Skyscraper” is an 18-second shoot that contains exactly what the title entails: two men and a woman taking a photo in the middle of the bustling cityscape of metropolitan Hong Kong.

▼ They are just eating bananas…and there happens to be the sky behind them…


As it turns out, the trio is actually sitting on top of a skyscraper in Hong Kong. As one of them stands up, their surroundings come into view – the busy Hong Kong city buildings. One wrong step and the three of them would fall to their unfortunate ends. It is 18 seconds of breathtaking views and nervous thrills.

▼ Hold on…what?!?!


▼ That’s too dangerous!!! Get off the building now!!!


Of course, climbing skyscrapers is not a hobby we would recommend for the general public. Daniel Lau, the man behind the selfie, seems to be well experienced judging from his Instagram account full of more head-spinning selfies. This video alone will get you spinning and bring out the adventurer (or acrophobic) in you.

Think you’re ready for this crazy video? Take a deep breath and hit play!

Source: YouTube
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