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Origami has exploded internationally over the last few decades, and these minimalist watches from Hong Kong capture the heart of the tradition on your wrist!

Based in Hong Kong, odm produces a wild range of watches targeting, as the company says, “fashionable youths who are fond of bold, new and advanced designs.” While we can’t find any artificially intelligent watches on odm’s online store, we do have to say that some of them are pretty snazzy. But the snazziest of all is surely the origami-inspired “0 degree.”

Odm_ 120

The concept behind these watches, which bear only the digits “2,” “3,” “5,” and “9,” is focused on peace and blessings — just like paper cranes folded prayer. The relatively bare faces of the watches also reflect odm’s slogan “2359,” which is the last minute of the day (23:59 or 11:59 p.m.). According to the company, you could see the last minute of the day as a bummer, since the day is nearly over, but they prefer to view it more optimistically: You still have one minute left!

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We’re not sure how useful a single minute can be, but we suppose you could get quite a bit done. For example, you could go on a really fast online shopping spree or send someone you care about a nice text message. Heck, you could probably even make a fairly large donation to a worthy charity!

Of course, fancy watches don’t come cheap, so you can expect to spend US$100 on one of these minimalist watches, though that’s not a bad price if you count all the built-in peace and blessings, right? The watches are available in three colors on odm’s online store.

Sources: odm via Japaaan
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