Hyatt Regency Osaka will soon offer cat-friendly hotel rooms for you and your feline friend

Rooms will come with all of the necessary kitty amenities to ensure you and your cat companion can travel in contentment.

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“Hello Tokyo” is one of the most stylish sightseeing videos we’ve ever seen【Video】

“It was my first time visiting Japan, a place I had always wanted to see … I soon realised how lively and energetic this city really is.”

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Insane selfies taken from the top (the very top) of a Hong Kong skyscraper 【Video】

There are people in this world who are in love with the thrill of heights. From sky-diving to hang gliding, life is all about taking flight for them. Then there are people like me, who break out in cold sweat crossing an overhead bridge. If you’re afraid of heights, this video will leave your head spinning like there’s no tomorrow.

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