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For years, the conventional wisdom was that Japan was only interested in dainty, mild desserts with Japanese roots. That myth was shattered, though, when companies like Krispy Kreme came into the market and found instant success selling sweets that are unabashedly, well, sweet.

There’s more to Krispy Kreme’s popularity in Japan than the universal appeal of a flavorful donut, though. The North Carolina-based donut company has adapted to the local practice of special seasonal treats, and is getting ready for Halloween early with the release this month of its Krispy Skremes lineup.

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Krispy Kreme is offering four frightfully festive donuts, with the most striking being the 230-yen (US$2.25) Caramel Halloween Jack. Although it was also available last year, this year the jack-o’-lantern lookalike has a new, extra-rich caramel custard filling.

If you still want something that screams Halloween, but without that pesky caramel, you can opt for the slightly cheaper 200-yen Spider Choco Custard. As far as the ingredients go, it’s more or less identical to Krispy Kreme’s ordinary chocolate custard donut, with a Bavarian cream-style filling. The spider web frosting pattern should help you get in the mood for All Hallows’ Eve, though, plus keep your more squeamish, arachnid-hating housemates from swiping your donut when you’re not looking.

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If you’re willing to trade archetypical Halloween imagery for a more unique flavor experience, there’s also the 220-yen Berry Jelly Star. The tart jelly filling is made with four kinds of berries, and there’re even blueberries dotting the top. We’re guessing the star sprinkles are supposed to give it a “magical” vibe, conjuring up images of witches and warlocks, but honestly, we can’t see ourselves being scared of spell casters that use their dark arts to provide us with donuts.

Finally, the 230-yen Sweet Potato Mont Blanc is the sophisticated aristocrat of the bunch. It eschews all childishly ghostly trappings for an elegant autumn atmosphere produced by its pumpkin seeds, candied almonds, and sweet potato and chestnut cream.

All four special fall donuts will be available from September 10 to October 31. You can buy them individually, or mixed in six or twelve-donut combo packs with Krispy Kreme’s classic Original Glazed donuts. We’d recommend picking up a box if you’re having a Halloween party, or if you just want to give the trick-or-treaters the kind of goodies that’ll make you a legend in the neighborhood.

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Sources: Krispy Kreme Japan, Entabe
Images: Krispy Kreme Japan