At just 46mm (1.8 inches) long, the Pico-Falcon claims to be the world’s smallest remote-controlled helicopter. Produced by Japanese toy maker Bandai’s subsidiary CCP, this adorable little thing will go on sale on December 5. Just look at how it sits on the fingers!

As with most things, it gets cuter when it comes in different colors – the Pico-Falcon comes in a bright orange, blue and green. Now you can build your own fleet of tiny choppers!


At 4,838 yen (US$45) each, the Pico-Falcon is an upgrade from the same company’s previous product, the Nano-Falcon, which was released in 2013. The new model has a brand new gyrocenter, coupled with tandem rotors that stabilize the helicopter. Thirty minutes of charging allows roughly four minutes of tiny flying fun.

As you’d expect, the helicopter can go up and down, turn right and left, spin in both directions, and move forward and backward, controlled by its clean and sleek infrared controller, which as you can see positively dwarfs the helicopter itself.


▼This could make a great Christmas gift for both kids and big kids! It might annoy the heck out of your pets, though!


Here are the tiny helicopters in action!

▼ In amongst the flora


▼ Crashing an afternoon tea party


▼ Pretending to be a bee


Now if only they sold an Apache attack helicopter version…

Source: IT Media
Images: CCP