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As technology continues to advance and influence the way we communicate, it’s important for rules of etiquette to evolve along with the devices we use to keep in touch with each other. For example, by now most of us know not to type our emails in all caps and to turn off our cell phones inside movie theaters.

So why is it that we’ve learned to mind our manners in those situations, yet continue to commit the social faux pas of not making our iPhones wear proper underwear? That seems to be the question Bandai asked, and now we have the answer in the form of Hello Kitty panties for smartphones.

Available through the merchandiser’s Premium Bandai website, the Hello Kitty Smartpants come in a pack of three, because the only thing grosser than a smartphone without underwear is one that never changes to a fresh pair.

Kitty-chan, being the fashionable young cat (or girl, depending on where you weigh in on the debate) that she is, graces three different designs, all of which are made of silicone to provide a snug yet comfortable fit for smartphones of varying sizes. The most girlish of the bunch is the polka dot pattern.

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On the other end of the spectrum, the plain white briefs are a much less playful, tomboyish option.

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Finally, the third design is the most confidently aggressive, as it’s a pair of crotchless leopard-print panties.

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We realize that sounds like a needlessly steamy interpretation, especially since the above photo of the phone sporting the white briefs has the backside showing.

▼ Only the briefs are touted as being reversible, by the way.

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But let us ask this: Would bottomless panties be any less bold a choice than crotchless ones? Actually, it’s a moot point, because Bandai itself is very clear about just what’s going on with the leopard Smartpants.


Still left unsettled is the debate as to whether these accessories provide your device with a welcome bit of modesty, or if the exhibitionist element of parading its lingerie in public will make it resent you so much that it autonomously sends every embarrassing picture you’ve got stored on it to your family and coworkers.

Bandai is taking preorders here for the 1,200-yen (US$11.90) set, which also includes an adhesive cover for your home button, between now and October 6. The bundle is scheduled to ship in November, at which point you’ll finally be able to stop using your smartphone nude.

▼ At least the device won’t be nude. Whether or not you, in the privacy of your own home, want to wear clothing while using it entirely your own business.

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Source: Narinari
Images: Premium Bandai