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If you’re an old-school Sega fan (and, let’s be honest, old-school Sega is pretty much the only Sega that counts any more) then you won’t want to miss this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Due to go on sale in Japan next month, this insanely cute Sega Mega Drive plushie and a number of other Sega-themed goods ranging from mugs to hooded sweatshirts will be available to buy early at the game-tastic convention next week.

Those of you in North America may know it as the Sega Genesis, but to the rest of the world the console that brought us Sonic The Hedgehog and Ecco the Dolphin is the Mega Drive. Whatever its moniker, though, it is widely agreed that this machine marked a sea-change in the video game industry, with underdog Sega wresting an enormous chunk of the market from fellow Japanese giant Nintendo and making video games “cool” once again.

And as much as the original Mega Drive was all about sass and youthful energy, this new plushie pal is all about teh cute. I mean, come on; it even has little arms and legs!

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For just 4,860 yen (US$46), you too can have your yesteryear console friend sit on your lap while watching TV or playing games that have nary a shred of the charisma of those that appeared on Sega’s 16-bit baby.

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Those of you who are still sore about the premature death of Sega’s 32-bit modem-toting powerhouse, meanwhile, will be happy to learn that Dreamcast-themed goods will also be available to buy at the show.

This stain-magnet-white hoodie retails for 6,264 yen ($60) and features both the Dreamcast logo and a line drawing of the console itself.

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If a hoodie’s too snug for you, there are also Dreamcast t-shirts, which cost 3,132 yen ($30) each. The small orange triangle, which represents the console’s power lamp, also glows in the dark. We’re not sure whether having a glowing triangle pointing to your crotch is the best idea, though.

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Finally, we have Dreamcast mugs featuring the console’s logo on one side and a line drawing of a VMU–the memory cards that featured LCD panels and acted as portable mini games–on the other. It can be yours for just 864 yen ($8).
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What with this lineup of Sega goodies and those fantastic Kirby t-shirts, we may well spend all of our time at this year’s Tokyo Game Show shopping instead of playing games reporting…

Source: Cospa via Inside Games
Images: Cospa