The Abashiri Brewery in Hokkaido which, judging by its website, really is some kind of beer-themed Willy Wonka side project, boasts what may be the world’s first naturally blue beer.

Always ready to get drunk for the sake of our readers, RocketNews24 took it upon ourselves to investigate this mystifying beer anomaly, appropriately named the Ryuhyou Draft (“Ice Floe Draft”), at a beachside pub.

We half expected the whole thing to be some kind of hoax; a regular beer served in a blue novelty glass or what have you. But upon pouring the bottled brew into a clear glass (and again into a clear party cup), we were surprised to find that it is, in fact, completely blue.


And not just any blue. We’re talking intense, almost neon blue. Walter White’s meth blue.

So blue you’d be forgiven for thinking it was some kind of toxic substance, but in fact it’s okay to drink and also tastes great! True to the beer’s name, it’s crisp and refreshing with a good bite.

Ryuhyou Draft is made with the standard beer fare, plus naturally occurring substances that give the drink its distinctive color, and somewhat disturbingly, Chinese Yam (best known for its slimy consistency when grated and resemblance to a certain bodily fluid).

You can search for a location that sells Ryuhyou Draft, or order online at the Abashiri Brewery’s website.






Photos: RocketNews24
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