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I love sushi. I really can’t overstate that fact, and it’s to the point that I’d totally understand if you asked, “If you love sushi so much, why don’t you marry it?”

First, I’m already married, and there are several ways in which my lovely and human wife is a superior spouse compared to a slice of raw fish, no matter how delicious the latter may be. Second, even if I were single and ready to take my relationship with Japanese cuisine’s most famous discipline to the next level, what kind of ring would I use to propose?

Here with the answer is American designer Carolyn Tillie, who’s crafted a whole line of sushi-themed accessories.

While the tekkamaki ring above is quite fetching, perhaps you’d prefer your fingerwear adorned with a more opulent and luxurious topping, such as ikura (salmon roe), one of the pricier items on the menu in a sushi restaurant.

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There’s more than rings to Tillie’s Bento Box series. If you’re the indecisive type when it comes to ordering, an attractive option is this bracelet, which encircles your wrist with an assortment of nigiri sushi pieces.

▼ Twist your wrist back and forth to simulate the revolving sushi restaurant experience.

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Restaurants serving their sushi on a conveyer belt is called kaitenzushi in Japanese, which is what’s written on the covers of these chopstick earrings.

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More Japanese tableware comes as part of this bracelet encrusted with tea cups bearing the script for “sushi.”

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There’s no need to worry about a fishy smell, since all of the pieces are tiny plastic replicas from Japanese gachapon capsule toy vending machines. In contrast, though, Tillie sets them in some rather upmarket materials, such as silver and 18-karat gold. As a matter of fact, some of the designs are so elegant and understated that with just a quick glance, you might not even notice the sushi motif.

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The job of a sushi chef is to skillfully mix rice, vinegar, and small morsels of fish into a delicious meal. With her Bento Box series, Tillie’s done something similar by combining stylishness with creativity and a playful spirit for an appetizing, um, we mean appealing, look.

Source, images: Carolyn Tillie website
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