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For the most part, we tend to think of candy as being something for kids. Sweet flavors just seem to go with the sweet era of youthful innocence.

But what if you’re an adult who craves a sugar rush, but you still want the world to know that you’re a stone-cold badass? Then you carry your candy inside a skull-shaped lollipop case.

Village Vanguard bills itself as a bookstore, but the chain’s inventory list is a lot more expensive than that. In addition to avant-garde photo collections and offbeat (even by Japanese standards) comics, you’ll find all sorts of quirky knickknacks and accessories. It’s a great place to spend 30 or 60 minutes browsing through the kitsch, but Village Vanguard also takes preorders for special items, like these intimidating candy holders.

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Chupa Chups are by far Japan’s favorite brand of lollipops, to the point where the Spanish brand has almost become a generic term for the treats in general. Some people love them so much that they need to carry a stock when they go out for the day, but apparently keeping loose candy in your bag is for unsophisticated grade schoolers.

The skull-shaped Chupa Chups case adds an atmosphere of hard-edged danger to your hard candy snack. Flipping back the brain pan makes it look like you’re about to snack on some delicious brains, and the hollow eye-sockets also let you tell at a glance what flavor you’ve got in the chamber, even when the case is shut.

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The brass holder comes in three colors: gold (as shown above), silver for Chupa Chups fans wanting a more subdued look, and of course, black for those who think the two brighter skull-shaped cases are too cute and girlish.

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In addition to the keychain type, Village Vanguard is also offering a necklace version, so that you can keep the lollipops that are always on your mind literally close to your heart.

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Both designs sell for 8,800 yen (US$81) and can be ordered here or here from Village Vanguard. Buyers should have theirs in their hands by mid December. That’s unfortunately too late for Halloween, but will still let you start the new year by sending everyone the subtle threat that the cost of making fun of your sweet tooth is losing a couple of theirs.

Source: Niconico News
Images: Village Vanguard