2015 is only a few months away, and while we’re still nowhere near getting the hoverboards from Back to the Future Part II, we do, at the very least, have robots to do our house chores for us! It’s such an exciting new frontier for housework that someone even made a robot vacuum simulator! While you might still have to make your own dinner, at least you can always drop your onion skins on the floor without worry, knowing your little automated vacuum buddy will clean up after you.

It’s like we really are living in the future! Unfortunately, while our robot vacuums may be automated, it turns out that they’re not much smarter than a pile of rocks, as one shocked Japanese Twitter user recently discovered.

Posting the photos below on Twitter, @_zozomix included a message that could best be summed up as “WHAT THE HELL?? ROOMBA?? ARRRRRRRRRGGGG!” If you’re wondering what could leave someone screaming at a robotic vacuum, check these photos out.

▼It’s like a tank rolled off a French battlefield and into @_zozomix’s home!


▼But we will give this obviously drunk tank driver credit–that’s a pretty good right turn.


▼Did a mortar filled with mud land here?


▼Ah! And here is our little, round culprit. Go home, Roomba. You’re drunk.


After wondering if she should really leave the Roomba to do cleaning again, @_zozomix tweeted a question we must all now ask ourselves: Is the end nigh??

“I despaired and thought about pretending I hadn’t seen this and heading upstairs, but I got a broom and set to cleaning it up. And then I realized that cleaning up the cleaning robot’s coup d’etat would make for a great tweet. I was cackling to myself as I took these photos.”

While @_zozomix might be taking this all in stride, some other Internet users were concerned about the implications this event might have. Could it be that the robot uprising is finally at hand?!

“It’s finally begun! The AI is rising up against humanity!”
“I thought the Roomba might have pooped itself…”
“It’s so good at cleaning! Amazing!”
“It’s just like a pet, isn’t it?”
“The Roomba was telling itself, ‘No one will know! I’m cleaning after all!'”
“As punishment, you should have it do overtime work cleaning.”
“You found it hiding under the desk? It is just like a dog!”
“I think the real conclusion we can draw here is that YOU’RE to blame for leaving the plant on the floor!”
“I thought this was another cute point about the Roomba. It’s like it’s been smoking a little something-something.”
“If you don’t feed them properly, this is what happens, you know!”

Ah! It all makes sense now! Remember that, folks: You gotta keep your Roombas fed or they’ll tear everything up when they get low blood sugar.

If you’re feeling bummed about the coming robopocalypse, we do have something that’ll cheer you up. Here’s another domestic pet acting strangely. At least the cat didn’t make a mess!

Sources: Twitter (@_zozomix), Hamusoku
Images: Twitter (@_zozomix)