Get ready. Here comes a brand new way to enjoy your smartphone. This revolutionary new case not only supports all types of smartphones with a custom fit, but it comes with an incredible range of features never seen before in other cases.

Let’s start with its soft, cushiony design that’s not only gentle on the skin but has a built-in warming feature as well. It also massages the user’s palm with a soothing wave-like motion as if it were breathing.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of functions this case provides.

This case not only allows your typical Wi-Fi and 4G signals unimpeded, it also had a pair of build-in rabbit ears for even better reception. On a clear day you might even pick up UHF stations or ham radio conversations!

That name’s a little misleading. It doesn’t scan your retina, but it has its own retinae to detect whether you are its true owner. If the case doesn’t recognize you it will execute its wriggle and scamper routine and disengage from the device.

Designed in a timeless shape that people always enjoy, this case is sure to turn heads and put smiles on the faces of all who see it. Oh, and why carry one rabbit’s foot on your phone for luck when you can have four – count ’em FOUR – rabbit’s feet for the ultimate in smartphone luck improving peripherals. The bingo hall won’t know what hit it!

Public reaction to the case has been overwhelmingly positive. Here’s a sample of what people are saying.

“Oooohhhhhh! I waaaaaant that case! Someone make it for me.”
“I want to try that with my hamster too!”
“I want to hold it now.”
“Name your price. I will buy it.”
“This will absolutely sell once you can mass-produce it.”

There were a few, however, who were concerned with the well-being of the case itself it overused. Luckily there is also a built-in function for that located just below the home button. If the user pushes too hard or refuses to put down the case when it becomes stressed, it will release a specially formulated Potassium Enhanced Energy Drink™ into the face of the user to diffuse the situation.

Unfortunately they aren’t commercially available yet due to a bug in its design. For some reason it occasionally ejects small pellets. Designers added a function where the case consumes said pellets for more battery life, but this has not gone over well in beta testing.

Once the kinks are all sorted out expect these cases to hit selves in huge numbers. Interestingly, once you get two of these cases together they tend to multiply like rabbits.

Source: Twitter via Hamusoku (Twitter)