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Cat lovers will tell you there is something deeply satisfying about the soft squishy feel of a cat’s toe pads, particularly as we don’t get to touch them for very long before getting swatted across the face for our presumption. But imagine how nice it would feel to get a back massage from some big kitty toe beans!

Proving that you really can find anything at a Japanese supermarket, we spotted just such a massager on a recent trip.


According to the label, the massagers come in calico, tabby and American Shorthair versions, so you can make believe your actual cat is concerned for your well-being.

▼ Look at that realism! Even the dew claw bobbly thingy is included!


The label also explains that the harder texture of the toe pad part is perfect for pinpointing stress areas. And it that fails, you can use the knob part on the other end.


What will they think of next?

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