Turn yourself into a kitten with these creative accessories.

Japanese company Felissimo is never short of ideas when it comes to creating new cat-themed products that everybody everywhere wants to get their hands on. Now they’re combining the playful world of felines and human beauty time, with two new gorgeous products designed for comfort as well as function.

The first new release is the “Who is it? Cool Paws Eye Mask“, which makes it look as if a giant cat has come up to you from behind and covered your eyes with its paws, waiting for you to guess who it is.

The soft eye mask is designed to be as therapeutic as it is cute, with openings on either side allowing you to slip in some cooling pads to relieve tired eyes.

Felissimo has once again excelled in the details, with two dainty cat paw pads hiding out on the underside of the mask to rest upon your eyes.

There are three designs in the range, with a different one being released each month. The eye masks are available to purchase at the Felissimo online store for 1,056 yen (US$9.60) each.

Next up in the beauty-time pampering collection is a range of adorable foot covers, which comfortably separate your toes while making you feel like you’ve grown dainty cat paws on the tips of your feet.

These foot covers are functional too, allowing you to pamper yourself with a pedicure with the simplest of ease.

On the underside of each foot cover is a plump paw pad, which can be felt underfoot as you walk around, heightening the feline-like feeling.

The fluffy foot covers come in six designs, with a different one released each month. These are also available at their online store for 1,056 yen each.

Unlike a lot of Japanese companies, Felissimo ships their products overseas, so if you’re living abroad, check out their international website for more details. As always, a portion of the sale price goes to the Felissimo cat fund, which works to care for animals without owners and provide assistance to foster pet programs, so while you’re pampering yourself and dressing up like a kitten, you can rest assured that you’re actually helping cats in need too.

Source, images: Felissimo