Japanese electronics maker Sharp has announced their latest product – this adorable bedside lamp that emits what they call ‘plasmacluster ions’. No, they are unfortunately not going to be the baby blue and pink beads you see drifting into the air in the illustration. However, these plasmacluster ions supposedly have anti-bacterial properties.

All you need to do is plug in your lamp and it will not only purify your air, but also improve your sleep and the condition of your skin! Now, that sounds like a good deal if it really works.

Besides the aforementioned bedside lamp, also in the lineup is a more futuristic looking plasmacluster ion generator for your ceiling. If you’re wondering what this plasmacluster ion thing is all about, Sharp has a special website dedicated to explaining their new technology in English.


If the product works as promised, it will not only disinfect your air, but also keep your room moist so you won’t wake up with dry lips or scratchy throat in the morning, even during the dry winters Japan is known for.

The Bedside Lap ‘IG-GBP1’

The bedside lamp version of the plasmacluster ion generator will sit next to you as you sleep, promising to be so quiet that you won’t even know its there. Throughout the night, the little plasmacluster ion elves will be hard at work purifying the air as well as your skin so that you can wake up to a moist, firm and clean face without effort. On top of that, the lamp itself uses sakura pink LED instead of white LED for ‘enhanced healing effects’. The lamp will be released on November 20 and can be yours for 20,000 yen (US$185).

The Ceiling Version ‘IG-GTA20’

Designed for use in the bathroom, the IG-GTA20 is meant to be attached to the ceiling. You can also put it in your room to battle the microbes and bacteria lurking on the floor and in the carpets. Similar to the bedside lamp, the ceiling plasmacluster ion generator can also function as interior lighting.


Furthermore, this generator has a sensor which turns the light on automatically whenever someone enters the room and off when it senses that no one is present. The generator also runs on a stronger mode when the light is off to produce more anti-bacterial plasmacluster ions. You can take this piece of convenient technology home for 22,000 yen ($203).

For about $200, you get to keep you room clean and bright, and even have better skin – I’m adding that bedside lamp to my Christmas wishlist!

Source/images: Sharp 1, 2