Perceptions of beauty pageants in modern society have definitely changed since the 1960s. While we’re sure that there are plenty of varying opinions out there regarding beauty pageants’ place in modern society, we can certainly get behind the idea that there’s more to a person than how physically attractive they are. That said, we’re sure that for winners of the pageants, like Apasra Hongsakula here, who was 18 when she won Miss Universe in 1965, the shows are source of tremendous pride and happiness.

But winning an international beauty contest isn’t the only thing that separates Apasra from the rest of us ugly shmoes–if recent photos are any indication, she’s been practically reliving her glory days for the last 47 years, since the 1965 Miss Universe still looks like Miss Universe today even at the age of 67!

▼18-year-old Apasra

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We’re not sure what the life trajectories of most beauty pageant winners are like, but it seems that Apasra has kept busy. In addition to being a judge for various beauty competitions and marrying (and later divorcing) a cousin of the Thai queen, she’s also a businesswoman, running Asapra’s Spa.

Her win in 1965 was a first for Thailand, though she wasn’t the first contest from the South East Asian nation or the first winner from Asia (that would be Akiko Kojima). However, she did have a minor impact on the host nation, the United States, where five baby girls were given the name “Apasra” in 1965.

Oh, and despite being 67 years old, she still looks like a beauty queen today! Just look at this recent photo that has refocused the spotlight on Apasra.

Sure, it’s a good photo, and the makeup probably helps, but we’re starting to wonder if Apasra isn’t actually a robot. Or maybe a vampire? Though you wouldn’t mistake her for an 18-year-old now, she certainly looks younger than me–and I’m only 31.

Of course, with all the recent attention on the beauty queen’s youthful looks, the rumors have started flying. As Coconuts Bangkok has reported, some have suggested that she’s been through an “anti-aging course” that cost THB2.5 million (about US$77,150). The rumors have been fueled in part thanks to this comparison of another recent photo of Apasra below.

Naturally, this has been denied, though the former champion’s manager has conceded that she did straighten her hair. Gasp!

While we’re sure that there are plenty of people who care very strongly about whether or not recent photos of the 1965 Miss Universe have been photoshopped or are the result of “anti-aging” courses, we’re not sure it really matters. Obviously, it would be absurd to expect everyone on the planet to look like Apasra does in her 60s, but as long we can accept that fact that everyone ages differently, can’t we just appreciate the fact that she’s looking healthy and happy well past retirement age?

And let’s hope that she’s working on a magic anti-aging pill so we can all experience the joys of youth when we’ve retired too!

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▼ We’ll leave you with are a few photos of Apasra from the 1965 Miss Universe contest…

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▼ …and here are a few recent photos of Apasra.

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