Some say that baking is therapeutic, but for first-time bakers, making something as basic as plain bread can be a bit of a challenge, even with a recipe. Let’s also not forget the tabletop full of flour you’ll have to clean up after kneading the dough.

But our Japanese reporter Meg recently experimented with a super-simple recipe to make some quick yet yummy ice cream bread. No kneading required, and no messy flour-covered surfaces (well, unless you get clumsy in the kitchen)! Get the recipe after the break!

We saw a YouTube video by SimpleCookingChannel titled 2 Ingredient Ice Cream Bread, and we knew we had to try it at once. It’s bread made out of ice cream! Just the sound of that was enough reason.

In the video, the “bread” was made with only two ingredients: vanilla ice cream and self-raising flour. However, self-raising flour isn’t commonly available in Japan, so we switched that up with plain flour and baking powder, making this a three-ingredient recipe. Here’s the recipe that our experimental chef Meg worked with:


2 cups of softened vanilla ice cream
1.5 cups of plain flour
1.5 teaspoons of baking powder

Step 1: Pour the flour and baking powder into a mixing bowl, mix well.


Step 2: Add the softened ice cream into the bowl and mix well.


Step 3: Pour the mix into a baking tray and bake at 180-degrees Celsius (350-degrees Farenheit) for 35~50 minutes.


▼ Did we mention that it smells heavenly while it’s baking?


▼ And that’s it! Just three ingredients and three simple steps!


The end product turned out looking more like pound cake than bread, but only a hint of sweetness from the ice cream lingered. In terms of texture, it was closer to that of a scone than the soft, chewy texture of bread. It’s yummy on its own, but we can imagine it tasting pretty awesome with a little bit of butter, jam, or even ice cream!


▼ Meg enjoying her freshly baked ice cream bread.


If you’re looking for a quick add-on for a party, something that looks difficult yet is easy to make to impress your special someone, or just a simple weekend project to have fun with, this recipe fits the bill. If you’ve had success with any variations, be sure to share your tips and recipes in the comments section below!

Source: YouTube/SimpleCookingChannel
Images: RocketNews24