This is why fall is one of the best seasons to come to Japan.

If there is one thing Mister Donut Japan is good at, it has to be boldly infusing different flavors to create exciting and tasty treats, and their extravagant green tea donuts is a great example of that.

A new season demands a new flavor, however, and the popular chain carried out a quick survey on 100 people last month, asking them what their preferred choice of sweet autumn food was. Chocolate and sweet potatoes ended up tied in the number one spot, and since chocolate is already commonly found in their existing lineup, Mister Donut instead decided to unleash five limited-edition donuts with a yummy starchy twist on September 6.

▼ Plain (129 yen [US1.20])

Sweet potato powder is carefully mixed into dough to create a basic yet delicate snack that is smooth and full of aromatic flavors. Mister Donut recommends heating it up in the microwave for 16 seconds for a piping hot treat.

▼ Purple Sweet Potato (140 yen)

Glazed over and made to resemble the tuber, we predict this one to be the hot favorite among Mister Donut fans for its visual impact.

▼ Candied Sweet Potato (140 yen)

If this is anything like the popular daigaku imo dish found all over Japan, it will be rich and perhaps even a little crunchy if the glazing is done exactly like the real thing.

▼ Sweet Potato (140 yen)

This variety features the plain donut with a beautiful ring of sweet potato paste on top for a delightful bite.

▼ Brown sugar and kinako (140 yen)

Few things are better than the classic combination of brown sugar syrup and soybean flour, but throw those on a sweet potato-infused donut and we have an instant favorite.

We think the Purple Sweet Potato and the Candied Sweet Potato are the best, but if these pictures are anything to go by, we think all of them deserve a try at least. Remember these limited-edition snacks are set to stay until the end of October, so be sure to swing by Mister Donut stores for a mouthwatering donut or two. Definitely one of the best donuts the franchise has come up with since their rich and creamy Ronuts.

Source: Mister Donut via PR Times
Images: PR Times

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