The whole concept of an all-boys high school is kind of cruel when you think about it. You take a bunch of young men who have only recently hit puberty and are practically oozing hormones out of their pores and lock them in a prison-like environment filled with nothing but other males for the majority of their teen lives.

So it’s understandable that at least one Japanese all-boys high school, faced with an utter lack of girls to ogle, chose to get a little creative… by holding an annual beauty pageant to determine the prettiest “girl” in school.

Komaba High School in the Setagaya Ward of Tokyo has been holding the event for at least a couple of years on or around Japan’s Culture Day, when a lot of schools hold “Culture Festivals” where student clubs put on shows, host recruitment booths and generally cause a ruckus.

One such club apparently decided to start holding a beauty pageant for the guys at school, with somewhat mixed results; a couple of contestants pretty much look the part, while others look like they’re wearing cheap Halloween costumes and didn’t even have time to shave:

From 2012:


From 2013:

And here are some of this year’s radiant entrants.

Come on, be honest, some of them are pretty cute, right?

Source/feature image: Kininaru Sokuhou