Autumn is the season of school cultural festivals (bunkasai) in Japan. Students pour hours and hours of their time into creating the best possible attractions, food stands, and performances and proudly display these efforts of love for the surrounding community to enjoy.

There must be something in the water because, starting with the teacups ride we introduced last month, Japanese students seem to be showing some unprecedented creativity this year. Just take this musical arcade game that was built entirely by high schoolers, and which many stunned guests have proclaimed to be “good enough to be in a real game center.”

Chrono Tone is the name of the musical arcade-style game created by third year students at Tsukukoma Yamikoma High School in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo for their annual school festival. Based on Twitter comments, the inclusion of a music game appears to be an established custom at Tsukukoma High cultural festivals. Even so, this year students really seemed to pull out all of the stops to make a high quality game in which players can choose the song and difficulty level, including Tsukukoma High’s own school song! Just thinking about all of the effort involved for only three-day-long school festival makes our heads spin…

Check out the game’s incredibly detailed screen and controls in these pictures and videos:

Here’s what some Japanese commenters had to say when they saw clips of Chrono Tone being played:

“At first glance I thought it was a real arcade game!”

“That’s super high-level for a school festival.”

“It’s good enough to be commercialized.”

“The kids who made it aren’t gonna have trouble finding jobs…”

“I’m curious where they got the funds to make this.”

Even more impressive is that apparently the game didn’t break down or malfunction at all for the duration of the festival. Props to you, Tsukukoma High seniors!

Source: My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/YAMIKOMA_PR