Sometimes, you’re surfing around on the Internet to find weird Japan news to write about and can’t seem to find anything except one of those old “I thought this thing was that thing, but it was another thing,” Twitter comparison pictures and you kind of just have to run with it. I know, oddly specific scenario, but we’ve all been there, right?

Like, check out this thing that looks like a bird. We already know it’s not a bird, but can you use some of the clues in the photo to figure out what it really is?

Yep, that’s a bike saddle. And, while it really does look a lot like a bird from far away, the wrecked up bike without a seat kind of gives it away pretty quick. That didn’t stop over 30,000 Twitter users from retweeting the odd snapshot, though.

The Twitter user who originally posted the picture says he spotted the “bird” while walking with a friend who just so happened to be a bird lover. We picture the bird-loving kid gleefully whipping out his binoculars and birdwatching manual, only to peer through the lenses and find a ratty old bike seat.

We can only hope at that point someone then played the “Sad Trumpet” nearby.

 Source: @karlmcpueen