Give any kid a piece of chalk, and they’re likely to draw some quick doodles on the board. Some stick figures; the logo of some group or team they’re especially fond of; perhaps even a wang or two if there are no adults around. But some kids will use that same piece of chalk to create veritable masterpieces that are so good, you’ll never want to erase them.

You won’t want to miss this collection of impressive chalk art after the jump! Here’s celebrating the talented work of artistic Japanese students.

Although many schools around the world have switched to using whiteboards or even electronic SmartBoards, Japanese public school classrooms are still typically equipped with blackboards. The resulting dust may make for a messy floor, but the versatile nature of chalk as an art medium sure is good news for any young, aspiring artists.

The following chalk illustrations by Japanese students were drawn for school festivals, graduation ceremonies, or just for fun. They depict a wide range of subject matter, from Studio Ghibli and Disney characters to replicating actual masterpieces of art. While some of them took only a few minutes and others took a few days to complete, all of them have worked their way into our hearts. Enjoy!

https://twitter.com/matton627/status/508092845626884098 https://twitter.com/koreha_www/status/483402971107958785 https://twitter.com/k_tsubumi1/status/484878238389256193 https://twitter.com/patikotto/status/467927704117862400 https://twitter.com/45th1_7/status/475978821024227329 https://twitter.com/syk_N155/status/489353220355936256 https://twitter.com/hiromuouji/status/488940520899506177 https://twitter.com/bu_nobu_no/status/486456651730280450 https://twitter.com/disny_iyashi0/status/327854584263487489 https://twitter.com/a10ny6/status/449010469404037120 https://twitter.com/ho_thhr/status/442305246895697920 https://twitter.com/mossorisinsi/status/312547770567380993 https://twitter.com/s_m0620/status/321603115000418304 https://twitter.com/butubutuwww/status/415252524925341696

▼We previously featured this one just a few days ago in a separate post.

Finally, here are some non-tweeted photos, including a very sweet GIF to end the collection with:





Feeling inspired yet? Why not pick up a piece of chalk and let your creative energies flow!

Source/Images: Hachima Kiko
H/T: Kotaku USA
Top image: Twitter (@koreha_www)