Gorgeous images show us anime skies really can exist in real life.

There are plenty of spots around Japan that look like they’ve been pulled straight from an anime movie. The Japanese moss garden cafe, for example, is a place so beautiful it looks like the setting for an animated tale, and the train ride through the tops of cherry blossom trees is another experience that will spirit you away to a fantasy world.

Now, the skies above Nagasaki Prefecture, specifically the ones seen from the Goto Islands off the coast of Kyushu in the East China Sea, are catching everyone’s attention, thanks to talented photographer @zaki_3_0257, who’s moving people to tears with a stunning collection of photos.

One of Zaki’s favourite subjects is the Milky Way in the night sky, which looks particularly stunning from the rural Goto island chain.

When comparing the real Milky Way photos to art by an anime artist, it’s hard to tell the difference.

While Zaki’s night sky photos are breathtaking, the Nagasaki-based photographer also has a talent for perfectly capturing images of the evening sky with watery reflections.

There are also beautiful images of summer clouds…

And sunset skies that look like they’ve been drawn with giant brushstrokes…

Fans of the Makoto Shinkai anime Your Name have a soft spot for this image of Onami no Ike, Japan’s largest crater lake, which is located in Kyushu Prefecture and looks like the crater portrayed in the movie.

And this one of a plane’s vapour trail, which looks just like the falling meteor scene from the anime movie.

New artwork for Shinkai’s latest movie, Weathering With You, also looks like it could be taken from the photographer’s collection.

People in Japan have been profoundly touched by Zaki’s images, with many saying the wistful, anime-style scenes have moved to tears. The photographer’s collection of images is also inspiring people to visit the Nagasaki area, to explore its beauty and see these scenes for themselves, which is a great thing, given that there are plenty of other magical events in the area for anime fans to fall in love with.

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@zaki_3_0257

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