Fulfill your craving for gyoza dumplings anytime, anywhere with this popular device from Japanese 100 yen store chain Daiso.

Japanese 100 yen shops sell a plethora of useful everyday items, all for the equivalent of less than a single U.S. dollar. But beyond their cheap knickknacks, snacks, and slightly stranger items, these stores also offer handy kitchenware and cooking utensils that are essential for singles and busy housewives. If you’re looking to cook, say, a batch of spaghetti, you can get all the pots, strainers, and stirring spoons you need at a price you can pay for with pocket change.

But what if you’re looking to make gyoza dumplings? Sure they sell pre-made wrappers at the supermarket, but everyone knows the hardest part about making these tasty treats is pleating the edges just right.

Fortunately popular 100 yen store chain Daiso has you covered with this convenient “home-cooking gyoza kit”.


Inside you’ll find a plastic spoon for scooping filling into wrappers and a molder that makes cranking out dumplings faster than ever.



These devices are so useful, in fact, they’ve inspired a bit of a gyoza-cooking boom among Japanese netizens.

▼ “I bought the 100-yen gyoza machine!”

▼ “Lately 100 yen stores have really stepped it up… All you have to do  is give it a squeeze and your gyoza is ready to go!”

▼ “This thing is so convenient and fun♪ It folds your dumplings in no time! (lol) The 100 yen stores have been selling all sorts of amazing stuff recently. ( ´ ▽ ` )”

▼ “I made gyoza for the first time~\(^o^)/
I wanted to start by making the wrappers from scratch, but I didn’t have enough time~ But I’m glad I was able to make them! This dumpling folding thing from the 100 yen shop is amazing! It really came in handy♪( ´▽`)”

I don’t know about you, but seeing all those dumpling tweets is sure making me hungry! I might have to run out to get one of these folding tools so I can serve some next meal. They might require a little prep, but the money you’ll save by skipping the trip to a local izakaya or Chinese restaurant is worth it!

Source: Twitter/@Iida_Ayu via Naver Matome
Top image: 100log.jp
Insert images: Rakuten, 100log.jp