Tokyo’s Onna no ko kurabu, or Girls’ Club, has a simple mission statement: it’s a place where anybody can enjoy dressing in girls’ clothing. The bar’s staff aims to help men who may be crossdressing for the first time, providing clothes to choose from as well as a dedicated make-up service.

And now, Girls’ Club is spreading the cuteness a little further, with the opening of a second store in the heart of Osaka’s entertainment district.

The new bar, which opens its doors December 1, will have a wardrobe of women’s clothing and wigs available for guests who want to try out ‘josou’ (dressing in girls’ clothing). Just like their Tokyo branch, the Osaka store is open to anyone who wants to drink with cute crossdressing bar staff.

Men trying out josou for the first time can get help with hair and make-up, and there are lockers and even a shower room for anyone wanting to keep their crossdressing a secret from those at home.

▼ The Tokyo branch of Girls’ Club

Demand for venues such as Girls’ Club comes not only from men wanting to crossdress, the owners say, but also from people who aren’t interested in wearing girls’ clothing themselves, but want to meet guys who do. Men who practice josou crossdressing do not necessarily want to change their gender, they explain: “it’s not because we want to be girls – it’s because we want to be cute!

In ten years time, Girls’ Club hopes, josou and those who practice it will no longer be stigmatised or seen as odd. “It will just be a part of fashion, not something for hobbyists or enthusiasts,” the bar’s owners say.

Girls’ Club Osaka opens December 1 at Shimoura Bldg, 2-4-14 Dōtonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka.

Source and images: Girls’ Club Osaka Website, Girls Club Facebook