Feast and plan adventures like a real fantasy guild member at Y.barn dining bar in Nagano【Pics】

Gather round and listen to a tasty tale.

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Japan’s first 100 percent non-alcoholic and vegan bar to open in Tokyo’s Roppongi district

Get ready to enjoy stylish non-alcoholic beverages and vegan bites in a chic setting on your next night, or morning, out. 

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Treat yourself to a secluded izakaya experience with Tsukada Nojo’s home drinking service!

You provide the alcohol, and Tsukada Nojo will take care of everything else.

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We ordered an Avengers: Endgame cocktail and got a drink brimming with the might of superheroes

Even Thanos would struggle to down this awesome drink themed after six iconic characters from the movie.

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NINJA Café and Bar serves up shinobi snacks, drinks, and tours in Asakusa【Video】

For those looking to sneak in some treats to their trip to Japan.

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Luxurious lounge only open to couples opens in Tokyo

The unusual admissions policy has raised some eyebrows, but it’s very apparent that this space is meant to appeal to a specific clientele.  

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Independent bar offers Dragon Ball takoyaki, won’t sell all seven in one order

A patron was delighted by the super adorable octopus balls masquerading as Dragon Balls. But why was there one missing?

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We hung out at one of Tokyo’s most popular pickup spots, drank our hearts out and met many men

It was an exciting night for our female Japanese-language reporter, but how did it turn out exactly?

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Love fireworks and ice cream? Häagen-Dazs lets you enjoy both at this Hanabi Bar in Tokyo

Launch gorgeous digital fireworks into the night sky for each ice cream you finish. And try out the new summer flavor while you’re at it.

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Amazing all-you-can-drink craft beer membership lets you drink yourself silly all year round

For a nominal fee, members get to drink as much delicious beer as they want for a year.

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New bar coming to Tokyo lets you melt and roast your drinks from baby bottles or lightbulbs

Craft Cocktail is pushing the limits of mixology with drinks that appeal to all senses and smashed their crowdfunding goal as a result.

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Ted the delinquent teddy bear has his own cafe and bar in Tokyo!

Interestingly, the foul-mouthed teddy bear seems to have a bit of a following in Japan, enough for him to get his own cafe and bar!

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Kurand Sake Market opens Asakusa branch, Mr. Sato and Yoshio imbibe to their hearts’ content!

On September 2, Kurand Sake Market opened a new shop in the Asakusa district of Tokyo. This location is a sister branch to the original Kurand Sake Market which opened earlier this year in Ikebukuro, where sake lovers can sample 100 varieties of sake for 3,000 yen (US$24.64) per person with no time limit.

The Asakusa branch invited curious members of the media in for a sneak peek before its grand opening to the public, so we promptly sent our sake-loving reporters Mr. Sato, a veteran of the Ikebukuro shop, and Sailor Venus-cosplaying reporter extraordinaire Yoshio to check things out. But rather than write their opinions for each of the 30 individual brands they sampled, which would undoubtedly become tedious after a while, they decided to create a handy visual guide so that you can gauge their reactions to each cup with a picture, thus eliminating any language barriers in the process. Let the sake festivities begin!

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Anime bar Otarabo serves up drinks, passionate discussion about anime with fellow otaku

Are traditional bars a little too bland for you? Do you try to strike up conversations about anime with your fellow drink enthusiasts, only to get weird looks and asked to leave?

Well then you should check out Otarabo the anime bar! Not only does it have a large assortment of alcoholic beverages to enjoy, but it’s packed to the rafters with anime posters, figures, and toys. And best of all if you want to argue about Goku vs. Vegeta, or which Love Live! girl is the cutest, you’ll have plenty of inebriated otaku friends to discuss with.

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“We don’t want to be girls. We just want to be cute!” The future of crossdressing in Osaka

Tokyo’s Onna no ko kurabu, or Girls’ Club, has a simple mission statement: it’s a place where anybody can enjoy dressing in girls’ clothing. The bar’s staff aims to help men who may be crossdressing for the first time, providing clothes to choose from as well as a dedicated make-up service.

And now, Girls’ Club is spreading the cuteness a little further, with the opening of a second store in the heart of Osaka’s entertainment district.

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Little Texas: The Tokyo country bar for all of Japan’s cowboys【Photos】

You can find just about anything you want in Tokyo. The city is a wonderful melting pot of new and old, domestic and foreign, low and high brow. With everything from a vibrant French quarter to gorgeous temple gardens, it’s hard to imagine anyone getting bored in Japan’s capital. Even so, we have to admit that we were a bit surprised to find a country bar–let alone a country bar with such authentic shows and delicious food! But that’s exactly what Meguro’s oldest country bar, Little Texas, has. With everything from license plates covering the walls to amazing bands on stage, you are guaranteed to have a great time–even if you don’t know the difference between a steer and a bull!

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American Ninja: Throwing star range and sake bar to open in Kentucky, US

If you’re a budding ninja warrior looking for a place to practice using lethal weapons but can’t quite afford a ticket to Japan, perhaps Kentucky, USA would be a slightly more viable option? And if you also happen to enjoy a drop of Eastern booze in between flinging ninja stars then all the better, as a website advertising a ninja throwing star practice range and sake bar recently popped up online, with the venue itself apparently due to open in spring 2014.

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So two cool cats walk into a bar… 【Video】

Chubby cats? Check. Photographer cats? Check. Cat nuts? Sure, if you’re into that kind of thing. But cool cats propping themselves up on a makeshift bar? Okay, I think that’s a first even for us!

Recently posted to YouTube by Japanese user Chikatama, the following video sees white Scottish Fold Tama and his ginger pal Fufu hanging out on a typical weekday evening, too cool to start a conversation but for some reason never wanting to go home. Suffice it to say it cheered us right up!

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Zombie-Themed Bar Sponsors Zombie Walks in Tokyo, Gives Patrons a Taste of Brains, Delicious Brains

Hello, my name is Michelle and I have an unhealthy fear of zombies.

It’s not just the scary, fast moving urban zombies like from Dawn of the Dead that get to me. Even the comedy parody zombies from Shaun of the Dead had me covering my eyes, trying to go to my happy place. I don’t know if it’s because of their disfigured bodies or their relentless quest for brains, delicious brains; all I know is zombies scare the bejesus out of me.

But despite my own anxiety when it comes to the undead, the rest of the world loves zombies. From San Francisco, to London, all the way over to Sydney, Australia, people willingly dress in zombie drag and gather together to lurch through the streets as an undead mob. Even Tokyo’s Roppongi is not immune to zombie fever, hosting the most recent zombie walk in Japan and a monthly zombie bar.

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New Tokyo Crossdressing Bar Appeals to First-Time Drag Queens

Men, no matter how old or how “masculine” they are, can learn a lot from crossdressing in public (trust us, we know).

But even if you do get the urge to unbuckle and skirt up, it can be difficult to find a time and place where going out in drag is socially acceptable. Throw in the added stress of having to coordinate an outfit and wig that sufficiently bring out your inner woman and the simple act of putting on women’s clothes and walking out the door can feel incredibly intimidating to first-timers.

Enter Onna no Ko Club, or Girls Club, a new club in Tokyo where curious men can go to experience the wonderful world of crossdressing.

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