Gudetama, the charmingly unmotivated raw egg character from Sanrio, is the star of the menu at his very own cafe in Osaka.

One of our favourite characters from Sanrio, the creators of all things cute, is a tired-looking, unmotivated raw egg called Gudetama. Known for his lazy comments like, “I don’t want to do anything”, “No, no, I can’t do it anymore” and “Can I go home now?”, the egg who knows he’s destined to be eaten has become hugely popular, with a large following of sympathetic supporters around the world.

So we can imagine Gudetama’s disappointment at the announcement of a new cafe in his honour. This is an egg who doesn’t want to do anything, least of all be the star attraction at his very own cafe!

▼ Gudetama welcomes you to his new cafe in the only way he knows how: with very little enthusiasm.


We’ve seen him in his loveable anime form but now we get to see him in the flesh, or in the yolk, as part of a number of adorable dishes.

▼ The “Suppari Akirame Sando” or “Completely Resigned Sandwich”, for 1,100 yen (US$9.10), shows our egg friend yawning, totally resigned to his destiny of being eaten.


▼ The “Samu’…French Toast” (1,300 yen) replicates one of Gudetama’s most famous poses, where he pulls a slice of ham over himself while saying “Samu’…” or “I’m cold”.


▼ The “Gude White Curry” (1,000 yen) is one of the cutest items on the menu, with Gudetama appearing as a serving of yellow rice and looking as lazy as ever, covered in his beloved ham blanket.


▼ For dessert, we have the “Gude Mont Blanc Pudding” (650 yen)


▼ And the “Ana ga attara hairitai…Gude Melon Soda Float” (800 yen). The Japanese here refers to being so embarrassed you’d want to jump into a hole if there was one, which is Gudetama’s response to being wheeled around like a baby in an eggshell by his human companion.


▼ To finish, there’s a chai latte with some adorable latte art for 600 yen.


▼ And while you’re enjoying Gudetama on your plate or in your drink, you can enjoy him all around you, with cute art on the walls and posters hanging from the ceiling.


The cafe, which opened on 19 December, is a totally new and refurbished version of a temporary Gudetama Cafe that existed on the same site from July to November this year. The bright new space seats up to 84 people, or 83 if you take into account the space reserved for the huge egg plushie at the table, waiting to get a taste of itself!


Restaurant Information
Gudetama Cafe / ぐでたまかふぇ HEP FIVE店 基本情報
Address: Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Kakuta-chou, HEP FIVE Shopping Center 7th floor
大阪府大阪市北区角田町5-15 HEP FIVE 7F
Open: 11:00 a.m.-10:30 p.m. (last order 10:00 p.m.)

Source, Images: @Press