ZOZOTOWN, the Japanese fashion retailer with a name that kind of sounds and looks like they’re shouting at you, is a pretty big deal in Japan.

The company, which operates an online marketplace, primarily markets to women – so much so that you’d be hard pressed to find a Japanese teen or 20-something girl that doesn’t have at least a few items of clothing purchased there – which makes their choice of a certain bearded model for a new clothing line all the more unexpected.


If the lede up there didn’t tip you off, yes, of course we’re talking about Ladybeard, the Australian wrestler, singer, and professional “crossplayer” that has rocketed to mainstream popularity in his adopted home of Japan since arriving with a bang (and ponytails) a few years ago.

ZOZOMESSE, one of the retailer’s proprietary clothing lines, recently teamed with Hajime Fantasy to offer a line of sweatshirts inspired by Ladybeard’s new offshoot band, Ladybaby. The trio – which also features two young girls on vocals (hence the band name) – made global headlines with their quirky music video introducing Japan as a tourist destination earlier this year.



The hoodies in question, which read “Strong” in Japanese across the chest, appear to be unisex, but the Japanese Internet nevertheless apparently got a good chuckle out of Ladybeard modeling the “L” size of the hoodie alongside his bandmates, who were rocking medium sizes.

There’s no telling how high Ladybeard’s star will rise in Japan from here on out. The man’s infectious positivity and crossdressing hook have endeared him to legions of Japanese fans and made him somewhat of a RocketNews24 regular.



Men and women alike that want to show their support for Ladybaby can grab their very own hoodie here, although international shipping does not appear to be available, so you’ll have to be Japan-side to get your hands on one.

Source: Hachima Kikou