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One of Japan’s most popular cooking shows is Three-Minute Cooking. Broadcast by Nippon TV and sponsored by condiment maker Kewpie, the program does exactly what it promises, teaching people to make quick, tasty meals that take just three minutes of cooking.

Three-Minute Cooking started in 1963, though. In the busy 21st century, who can afford the luxury of spending that much time in the kitchen? It’s time for a faster, more modern way to cook dinner, which is where this video comes in with its demonstration of how to cook fried shrimp in just three seconds.

You’ll need some very basic kitchen equipment, but we’re going to assume you have all of it already. Instead, let’s take a look at the ingredients:

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6 shrimp
2 eggs
2 tablespoons of flour
Breadcrumbs (amount varies depending on preferred breading thickness)

Since the three seconds only refers to the actual cooking time, you’ll need to do a little bit of prep work before turning on the flame. Start by filling up the appropriate tanks with egg, flour, and bread crumbs.

▼ This would also be a good time to strap on your safety goggles.

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Next, make sure the shrimp are all properly loaded, and you’re good to go.

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See, nothing too it. As a matter of fact, the recipe is so simple and intuitive we’re struggling to think of how else you’d cook fried shrimp using a line of air cannons and flamethrowers connected by a wireless network.

▼ We’ve honestly got no idea.

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Of course, setting up that network is the tricky part, which is where the video’s maker, NTT Docomo, comes in. The telecommunications giant (and occasional pal of RocketNews24’s own Mr. Sato), set up this awesome culinary contraption to show off its skill with LTE networks, and while they could have hit us with a bunch of technical data, they decided that it’d be far more fun to hit a bull’s-eye with a plate’s worth of blowtorched shellfish.

▼ We have to concur.

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In our last glimpse of the two chefs, one turns to the other and prompts, “They taste good, don’t they?” Unfortunately, no response is given, and we can’t determine if it’s because the second woman disagrees, or if she’s simply unable to speak because of how overwhelmingly delicious the shrimp are.

▼ It’s a little hard to read the look in her eyes.

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Still, there’s no denying that those shrimp are definitely fried, and that the process took just three seconds. Is this super-fast food the wave of the future? We certainly hope so, especially if the video’s closing message, that next up they’ll be making three-second gyoza pot stickers, isn’t just some cruel joke.

▼ We need this, so very badly, to be real.

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Source, images: YouTube
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