There’s Japanese food…then there’s this type of Japanese food. 

Sure, Japan has McDonald’s, and yes, it has KFC and Wendy’s too. However, those looking for a more unique take on fast food will want to head to homegrown burger chain Dom Dom, where you can get some weird and wonderful limited-edition menu items you won’t find anywhere else.

Right now, they have an exclusive burger that’s making everyone’s jaws drop — not just figuratively but literally too, as it’s so big you’ll need to stretch your gob to its limit to accommodate it.

Called the Ama Miso Ebi Fry Burger (Sweet Miso Fried Shrimp Burger), the name does it a disservice as it fails to mention one vital piece of information — it contains not one, not two but three pieces of fried shrimp.

Even that isn’t describing things accurately, because each piece of shrimp is huge, measuring about 16 centimetres (6.3 inches) in length.

▼ If you were to lay them end to end, that’d be 48 centimetres of shrimp.

On the menu at 790 yen (US$5.03), or 1,220 yen as part of a set that includes fries and a drink, this isn’t a bad price for a burger so big.

In real life, the burger looks as good — and as big — as it does in the promotional photos for it. In fact, we’d go so far as to say it looks even better.

▼ The crumbed exterior is beautiful and golden, indicating a perfect fry.

▼ And the dark, sticky sauce glistens in the light.

Taking a ruler to the pieces of shrimp, we discovered that each one was actually close to 16 centimetres in length — so long they’d drape off a bowl of rice.

In fact, if we were to eat the shrimp with rice, one piece would be filling enough, so we weren’t quite sure if we’d be able to finish three with the bun.

▼ Still, it looked mighty tasty, so we opened wide and took a bite.

The first thing to hit the taste buds was shrimp, and lots of it. The crunchy exterior and moist, juicy interior created an addictive texture, which, when coupled with the sweet miso sauce, made for a heavenly combination. The second bite delivered extra crunch and flavour with shredded cabbage and mayonnaise, making it even more delicious.

The highlight, though, was the fried shrimp, which were piping hot and cooked so well they remained perfectly plump even after going under the knife for this cross-section view.

The only downside to the burger is the fried shrimp pieces are so big you have to be careful they don’t fall out from between the buns.

It was a fantastic burger, but like many great finds in the fast food world, it’s only available for a limited time from 25 May. As the latest limited-edition release from the burger chain that previously gave us a massive Red Wing Burger and a black Squid Devil Burger, we can’t wait to see what Dom Dom has in store for us next!

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