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With the goal of being the first in line to purchase an iPhone 6 Plus, Mr. Sato, our most outlandish reporter, parked himself in front of the Marunouchi Docomo store on September 15. After several nights living on the streets, finally the day had come! On the morning of September 19 at 8am, Mr. Sato, blue slime costume and all, purchased his coveted Apple gadget, but not before meeting famous actors and taking center stage in an interview. Here is his story.

Docomo, Japan’s predominant mobile phone operator, put together a ceremony to commemorate the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Just like last year, Docomo president and CEO Kaoru Katou, international movie star Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai, Inception), and actor Maki Horikita all showed up for the occasion, and just like last year, Mr. Sato was given the royal treatment for being the very first in line.

▼ Here he is counting down to the release of the iPhone 6…right next to Ken Watanabe!Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.44.28 AM

▼ Ms. Horikita is looking exceptionally beautiful at the release ceremony…so is Mr. Sato.imgp4791_580px

As you may have already noticed, unlike last year, Mr. Sato wanted to come in costume and decided to dress as blue slime, his favorite character from the video game Dragon Quest.

▼ We’re not quite sure how all these high-profile people kept a straight face while standing next to our favorite blue-unitard-wearing reporter. Good on them!imgp4860_580px

▼ Although Docomo’s CEO does look a bit uneasy…Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.50.24 AM

After the ceremony, Mr. Sato was directed to one of the Docomo counters to sign up for a fresh new contract in order to get his iPhone 6 Plus.

▼ Here he is waiting at the counter. Mr. Sato in his blue slime costume paints a surreal scene.suraimu

▼ Success! Another first-day iPhone for Mr. Sato!kaunta

And that was it! Mr. Sato, iPhone 6 Plus in hand, happily gathered his things and headed for the door. Upon exiting the building, he was bombarded by members of the press, asking him his impressions of the iPhone 6 and his motivation for waiting in line, among other things. These members of the media were granted an interview with Slime Mr. Sato before anyone from RocketNews24 was able to!

▼ Well played, folks. imgp5094_580px

And so ends Mr. Sato’s adventure in being the first to buy an iPhone 6 Plus. Check out all the action, including Mr. Sato’s first impressions of the iPhone 6 in the video below. Until next year!

Photos: RocketNews24
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