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It looks like Disney fans may have something to look forward to when they visit Family Mart stores in Japan this winter — especially if they have a sweet-tooth. That’s right, for a limited time, Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart is offering some delightful-looking desserts in collaboration with Disney’s mega hit film Frozen and their newest release (or soon to be released in the case of Japan) Big Hero 6. And as if that doesn’t make us happy enough, they even have a campaign going on where you can win special goods tied in with the two movies.

Let’s see what Disney sweetness is being served up at FamilyMart stores across Japan!

The campaign is set to coincide with the premier of Big Hero 6 here in Japan on December 20, and in light of Frozen‘s popularity, which seems to show no signs of waning, it really isn’t surprising that Family Mart has decided to put the two Disney films together. Okay, so first we have some tasty looking Frozen themed treats to show you.

▼This “Mixed Jelly: Anna and the Snow Queen“, already on sale from this past Tuesday, is a fruity affair made of strawberry jelly containing pieces of peach, pineapple, tangerine and cherry inside and is priced at 214 yen (US$1.79).fam'' 1

▼And this is the “White Soda Flavor Fresh Ramune Gummy Candy“, also already on sale and costing 128 yen ($1.07).  These gummy candies have a flavor like the Japanese ramune drink, which tastes similar to a lemon soda pop. Apparently, you can even enjoy these candies frozen and feel them literally melting in your mouth!fam'' 2▼Of course, we have to have some seriously ice-cold desserts too, since these are Frozen themed snacks after all, right? This is the “Anna and the Snow Queen: Salt Vanilla Soda Flavored Super Soft Ice Cream” which will come out December 9, and it will combine a salt and vanilla flavored soft-serve ice cream with a refreshing soda pop flavored sauce for a price of 198 yen ($1.65).fam'' 3▼And this “Anna and the Snow Queen: Condensed Milk Flavored Ice Cream”, which will also go on sale starting December 9 for 162 yen ($1.35), will be a condensed milk flavored ice cream containing three types of fruit and also pieces of finely crushed ice inside.fam'' 4▼And here’s the lovable Olaf as the “Anna and the Snow Queen: Olaf Chocolate Steamed Bun” priced at 190 yen ($1.59) which will be available from December 16. This Olaf is a steamed bun filled with a smooth chocolate cream, and we’re pretty sure that a warm chocolate dessert will go down extremely well on a cold winter day.fam'' 5

And now, for the Big Hero 6 desserts, both of which are already on sale:

▼This is the “Jiggly Soft Almond Jelly and Milk Mousse” sold for 280 yen ($2.34). It’s made of milk mousse containing condensed milk topped with a strawberry sauce and also almond jelly which adds a bit of a chewy texture to the dessert. The sweet mousse and jelly is white and soft, like Baymax the robot in the movie.fam'' 6▼And this is a snack that’s even more perfectly shaped for a tie in with Big Hero 6. It’s a set of “Three Mitarashi Dumplings” priced at 198 yen ($1.65). They’re soft chewy round white dumpling balls with a sweet soy sauce based filling inside, and they’ve actually printed Baymax’s face on one of the dumplings!  Utterly adorable!fam''' 7

What’s even better, as part of the campaign commemorating Big Hero 6‘s release, for every 500 yen you spend at FamilyMart, you’ll have a chance to win one of several original movie tie-in goods, and the spending doesn’t have to be on the special Frozen and Big Hero 6 desserts but can be on other regular products sold at the store.

▼For one receipt of 500 yen or more worth of shopping, you can enter to win two 500 yen prepaid shopping cards (right). You can also choose to send in three receipts for a chance to win a Frozen blanket (middle) or four receipts for a chance to win a Frozen-inspired necklace (left).
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▼Or if you want a Big Hero 6 tie-in product, for two 500 yen receipts you can enter to win a Baymax dumpling cushion (right) or for five receipts, a huge 125cm (4ft 1in) Baymax plush doll!
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So, which item would you want to win? The give-away campaign runs until December 25, while the Big Hero 6 desserts will be sold until December 29 and the Frozen desserts will be sold while supplies last. Well, even if you don’t win any of the special tie-in goods, the desserts alone look pretty tempting to us (or is that just me?). We’d love to try the Olaf steamed bun in particular, simply because he literally looks cute enough to eat! Yup, you’d better get ready to be eaten Olaf, because we can’t wait for you to come out on the 16th, filled with yummy chocolate!

Source: FamilyMart Press release (Japanese) via ITmedia (Japanese)
Photos: FamilyMart website ©DISNEY