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If Frozen struck a deep chord with you, it’s been a good year. Even now, months after the film’s home video release, it’s still got a hold on the imagination of animation and musical fans, and this week Japanese convenience store Family Mart started selling steamed buns filled with chocolate and shaped like Olaf, the Disney hit’s comic relief living snowman.

Family Mart did a fine job recreating Olaf’s look, and we’re sure moviegoers who were tickled by his antics are thrilled to have the character seemingly leap off the screen and into the palm of their hands. Plus, in a rare case of simultaneously being able to please a movie’s fans and detractors, the Olaf bun’s uncanny resemblance to its inspiration means it’s the perfect effigy for Frozen haters to unleash their resentment of the film’s success on.

First off, let’s take a look at the 190-yen (US$1.60) Olaf bun in its normal, unmolested form, photographed just after its debut this Tuesday.

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Burn that image into your memory, because things are going to get very ugly in just a little while. Not everyone agrees with the popular opinion that the Olaf bun qualifies as cute. One online commenter pointed out that removing the carrot makes it look like a balding man with a dorky expression. Peeling off his eyes, then repurposing his pupils as gigantic nostrils, doesn’t win Olaf any attractiveness points, either.

Still, that bit of facial rearrangement wasn’t nearly as morbid as what some other buyers had planned for their Olaf buns.

▲ “Olaf bun! Oh my God oh my God!”

As we found out when we ate our Doraemon cream bun, these kinds of sweets can get gruesome in a hurry when the entire dessert is shaped like the character’s head. What makes things worse is that Olaf is filled with chocolate sauce. While the filling itself is rich and sweet, its consistency and color make it look more than a little like blood that’s dried and caked after pouring out of a gaping head wound.

▼ This time-lapse series of photos is almost an Olaf snuff film.

Feeling just a little left out, we decided to get in on this cornucopia of chocolate and violence the best way we know how: by handing our Japanese-language reporter Mr. Sato an Olaf bun and a knife.

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Mr. Sato, do your thing.

▼ Ah, the eyeball, an excellent choice for making the incision.

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▼ That’s Olaf for you, always smiling, no matter what.

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▼ Good God, what…

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▼ …have we…

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▼ …done?!

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We know it’s sort of a cliché that some people have a pang of guilt when eating cute, character-based desserts, but Mr. Sato’s handiwork was so grisly we sort of felt like we’d committed a crime. Still, what’s done is done, and since we don’t think we’d last long in prison, we had no choice but to cover our tracks by hiding the body in the one place where we’re sure no one will find it: our stomachs.

▼ Chocolate is the tastiest evidence.

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Photos: RocketNews24
Twitter images via Naver Matome
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