Remember when we recently had a little fun with the Disney’s Frozen pastry buns that have gone on sale all over Japan? You know, the ones oozing with cream and chocolate (mmm) and featuring the annoying face of that goofy snowman (grr) that’s absolutely everywhere right now? While we certainly enjoyed mangling Olaf’s face with a big knife whilst maniacally humming “Let it Go”, it seems that one Twitter user has an even better idea for dealing with that pent-up Frozen frustration. An idea that involves re-purposing the buns into something more aesthetically pleasing! Since we’re all about that silver lining (and since generally, we enjoy our food more when it doesn’t look like a murder scene) we had to investigate! It turns out that it’s actually pretty simple to change goofy Olaf into another character with a little more pedigree behind it – Bert from Sesame Street! Read on for the step-by step guide!

When Twitter user korekore19 hit upon an easy solution to switch up Olaf’s facial features, they were kind enough to share it with the rest of us! The procedure seems to involve carefully peeling off all of Olaf’s features except for a tiny bit of mouth, and then simply re-shaping and re-positioning them to form the visage of beloved Sesame Street character Bert.

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▲ “I bought an Olaf bun but it really reminded me of Bert from Sesame Street! So I decided to re-arrange it a bit.”

Our only concern is just how Bert’s yellow complexion was achieved. We’re wondering if this was a photoshop job (which would ruin the magic somewhat) or if some kind of food coloring was used. Still, we think this is a pretty good effort, although that tiny gap in what should be Bert’s unibrow sort of breaks the illusion for us.

It seems that korekore19 wasn’t the first on Twitter to notice Olaf’s similarity to ol’ Bert:

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▲ ”Doesn’t the Olaf bun look a lot like this character from Sesame Street?”

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▲ “I’ve been so excited to get my hands on the Olaf bun from Family Mart!

(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) The chocolate filling is so melty and delicious! The only thing is, the face actually looks more like Bert than Olaf…”

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▲ “Family Mart’s Frozen Olaf bun. Looks just like Bert from Sesame Street.”

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▲ “Family Mart’s Olaf bun reminded me of something so I did a little searching and yep, it’s this dude from Sesame Street.”

Hmm, now that you mention it, the resemblance is uncanny! We’ll never be able to watch Frozen the same way again!

Source: Hamusoku
Image: Twitter (korekore19)