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The original PlayStation turned 20 years old yesterday, so to mark the occasion Sony Computer Entertainment has unveiled a special limited-edition “20th Anniversary” PlayStation 4 console pimped out with the original 32-bit PlayStation’s colour scheme and logo as well as commemorative etching on both the console and controller.

Sexy hardware photos and videos after the jump!

Announced during a celebration event yesterday, just 12,300 units (most likely a nod to the original console’s launch date of December 3) of the “Original Grey” PS4 will be made available to the public, with the launch date and details on how interested parties can get their hands on the console due to be announced this coming weekend.

The PlayStation 4’s visual design may take cues from the PlayStation 2 with its blue lines on black plastic and sharp edges, but this commemorative version borrows heavily from the original 32-bit PlayStation, right down to the four-coloured PlayStation logo on its top-left corner and controller’s Home button.

Check out these official shots from Sony:

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At present, only the European and US pricing (€499 and $499, respectively) for the console has been given, but Sony has confirmed that it will be available to purchase worldwide.

The console comes packed with a special edition grey DualShock 4 controller (whose touchpad even features additional detail) and, whether it’ll end up gathering dust or not, a grey PlayStation Camera. Each unit will also be stamped with an individual serial number, so if you ever discover that the number on your special edition PS4 matches that of your friend’s, you can be sure that at least one of you got ripped off.

We’ll leave you with the reveal and unboxing videos from Sony. Best of luck to those of you who do try to pick one up when they become available; we look forward to crossing paths with you on eBay on the run-up to Christmas!

Source/images: PlayStation Blog