It’s par for the course that an animated Disney film will include a loveable sidekick providing lighter moments throughout the narrative. But it’s not often that these secondary characters can be replicated so well in edible form. Olaf from Disney’s Frozen though, is an absolute treat for cooks who want to add some cute flair to their meals and sweets. His round, white snowman figure is easily created from rice, potatoes, Japanese radish and even sweet icing. Take a look at some of these gorgeous incarnations of Olaf in the food world.

Olaf sure looks excited at being eaten! Either that or he’s putting on an impressive I’m-so-cute-please-don’t-eat-me expression. This 3-D obento art is definitely too adorable to eat.


Oh Olaf! Looking a little deflated and a little out-of-place next to an enormous slab of meat, he still manages to bring the cute to a plate of meat and three veg.

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Sugary Olaf on a bed of crumble with waves of delicious icing!

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These have got to be the cutest jellies you’ll see all day.


Olaf loses his head and ends up on a cupcake.


Olaf dreaming of summer in Japanese radish form. For the recipe, check out the video below.


Olaf takes a dip in a bath of Japanese curry.

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Don’t let your children see these. They’ll want them for their birthdays and you’ll be up all night covered in flour and icing.


How about a huge mashed potato Olaf for your next dinner party?


Try your hand at creating your very own Disney one-pot recipe with the video below. Olaf, you really are cute enough to eat!

Source: Naver Matome
Top Image: cooklabo