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Nothing kills a great winter vacation more than coming back to find out your pipes have burst. That water can be flowing out of the broken pipe for days before you return home to find you have a new indoor swimming pool. It only has to happen once to forever taint your holidays with an extremely nagging “did we turn the water off?”

With temperatures dipping below zero in many parts of the world, each day is a potential pipe bursting tragedy. However, sometimes two wrongs really do make a right, and the horrible outcome of water soaking everything with Jack Frost blowing through create a really spectacular winter wonderland.

When water freezes, it expands and if that water is in your pipes, it’s not pretty…usually.  At 5 AM, pipes near the Tian Qiao Art Building in Xicheng, Beijing burst, spraying water in every direction, drenching a 300 square meter area with ice cold water. The temperature that day was around -5.6°C, so within a few hours, something magical happened.

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Locals and tourists alike clambered to the scene to enjoy the best of a really unfortunate situation. They couldn’t have planned for a better place for the accident, as the surrounding area was loaded with plenty of things for ice to form on. Giant icicles hung from trees and the shrubs resembled glittering snow/ice ghosts. Laughter and giggling could be heard all around.

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Hopefully, local authorities were able to shut off the water to that pipe amidst all the photo happy visitors. Terrible things will happen, that’s just life, but at least “Mother Nature” has a way to make things terribly pretty as well.

Source: Toychan via Epoch Times
Images: t.10jqka