They say a dog is man’s best friend. But if these pictures are anything to go by, Spider-Man’s best friend is a cat.

Not only does this 1/6 scale Spider-Man come with a puffer vest, he’s also the perfect size to take all kinds of adorable pictures. Join us after the jump for Spider-Man hanging out with pets; tucked up in a cat bed; and showing what an awesome dad he is.

In this first picture, Japanese Twitter user hama2tks shows how perfectly Spidey fits into a cat bed.

▼ Seeing as the Ikea cat bed is actually made for dolls anyway, it’s not too surprising that Spider-Man fits into it perfectly. But it is somehow very, very pleasing.

“The best of friends!” says hama2tks.

▼ Nawwwwww.

▼ Heck, if this isn’t the most adorable thing to happen in 2014, I don’t know what is.

▼ And just when we thought things couldn’t get any cuter…Spider-Dad!

“It moves so nicely!” says hama2tks. “The joints are smooth and his suit feels great. I forgot what I was doing and ended up playing with it for ages, lol. There’s a Deadpool figure the same size coming out next year, I want that one now too….”

▼ At US $229, we’re glad to hear it’s good quality, hama2tks!

Whose idea was this puffer-jacketed, knitted hat-wearing Spidey in the first place anyway? They probably deserve some kind of medal.


Source: Twitter (h/t Kotaku US)
Images: Twitter, Hot Toys